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Why Choose Gadgetcare for computer Repair?

At Gadgetlot, we provide customers with excellent computer repair services conducted by a well-trained team of repair technicians, top quality parts and timely customer care support.

Price transparency

We keep our pricing policy fair and transparent for spare parts & computer accessories.

Well-trained technicians

Our technicians, with an in-depth understanding of computer repairs, will repair your computers to perfection.

Professional services

We adhere to professionalism and promised timeline so that customers get gratifying repair services.

Original spare parts

As a service provider for various brands such as HP, Dell, Lenovo, Apple, Microsoft and others. We use original spare parts for computer repair.

book a repair

At Gadgetlot, we offer repair services covering all aspects of computer parts.

You can either send your laptops to the office address on this website or you can request for pickup of your computer item by contacting the number provided on the website via phone calls/WhatsApp for a subsidized fee based on the distance of your location

How to pick up after repairs

You will be notified once your computer is ready and you have an option of either picking up your laptop at the office or having it delivered to you for a subsidized fee.

How long does a repair service take?

Repair services usually take 2-4 working days. However, if a rare accessory is needed and there will be an extension of days for repairs, you will be notified.

Trust with Gadgets

Gadgetlot is a household name for procuring, sales and repair of computers in Nigeria.
We have been in operation for over 7 years with partners and customers who trust us without reservations.

gadgetcare by gadgetlot

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Customer Support

Customer Support

Typically replies within an hour

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